Boma Conseil, A Trusted Partner

Boma Conseil strives to be a multi-disciplinary and versatile partner, carefully assessing its clients’ needs and challenges. Our team of professionals apply their expertise and draw on their diverse backgrounds to craft methodical and agile strategies, aimed at protecting and enhancing assets in varied and complex scenarios.

Our client-focused approach favours constructive short- and long-term solutions, always in our clients’ best interests. Welcoming them within the gardens of the Domaine de Labourdonnais, we position ourselves as a trusted partner looking to build lasting and rewarding relationships.

The Term ‘Boma’

The Kiswahili term “boma” means “enclosure”. Traditionally, this is where tribesmen would protect their livestock and provide shelter to their families and community.

It also symbolises a circle of unity and protection, where the warmth of the fire comforts families and enlightens elders who share and pass on their knowledge, wisdom, traditions and culture through generations.

Thierry AdolpheChief Commercial Officer

Thierry’s involvement in Boma Conseil results from his 30 years of experience as Derivatives Trader, Business Development Manager, Finance & Administrative Manager and Head of Commercial, amongst other roles, in financial services in Mauritius and on the African continent. Having asserted his values and principles throughout his career, this new challenge allows him to help build a company that adopts a resolutely different approach, focusing on its clients’ interests.

The blend of complementary personalities and expertise, as well as the firm’s corporate culture, reinforce Thierry’s choice and inspire him on a daily basis. His role within the company enables him to craft a customer experience that reflects the company’s savoir-vivre and savoir-être. Thierry is like the guardian of the holistic and comforting approach that lies at the heart of the Boma concept.


Philippe DesmaraisSenior Wealth Manager

Boma Conseil’s team, approach and values set it apart from the rest. This is what motivates Philippe to be part of this company and defend his clients’ interests with the utmost integrity.

Philippe is an Investment Professional offering financial advice to families and individuals aspiring to a long-term vision. At Boma Conseil, he implements financial and wealth architecture solutions, adapting the concept to a selection of local and international clients, whom he supports with rigour and dynamism.

Thanks to his investment management experience on behalf of institutional clients at Lazard in Paris and for private clients at AXYS in Mauritius, Philippe brings in-depth knowledge of investment strategies and wealth planning. He holds a degree in Economics and Finance from the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne.


Constantin de GrivelChief Executive Officer

With 20 years’ financial experience, Constantin is an expert in financial mechanisms, products and investments, as well as financial and wealth architecture. With a Civil Engineering Degree from ESTP and a Masters’ in Finance from ESCP Business School, Paris, Constantin kicked off his career at J.P. Morgan in London, before running the Asset Management company of the AXYS group for over 10 years.

Noting that asset transmissions are often poorly anticipated in the region, causing numerous painful conflicts that tear families apart, he founded Boma Conseil in 2023, convinced that those could be avoided thanks to a rigorous methodology based on listening to clients, analysing and discussing issues. His goal is to transform traditional private banking services, focusing on advisory services rather than products, thus becoming a trusted partner for clients seeking financial peace of mind.


Frédéric KoenigSenior Wealth Manager

Frédéric, Private Banking Expert, builds on his 16 years of experience in the management and financing of assets, with a focus on creating sustainable value for his clients. Praised for his commitment to transparency, ethics and personalised service, Frédéric tailors his advice to put his clients’ interests first, offering tailor-made solutions that perfectly meet their financial objectives.

Boma Conseil’s holistic approach to wealth management, rooted in human and ethical values, resonates deeply with Frédéric’s personal convictions. This harmony enables him to adopt a responsible and transparent approach to meeting his clients’ various needs and expectations.


Olivier de GrivelChairman

Boasting a career spanning 40 years in major financial organisations in New York, Paris, London and Hong Kong, Olivier enjoys the refreshing and ambitious nature of an entrepreneurial project like Boma Conseil. His vast background enables him to provide valuable insights into financial markets, helping clients navigate complexities, optimise performance and manage risks. He is also keen to share his expertise to help businesses and families shape new strategies to overcome their financial obstacles.

As far as he is concerned, his goal is to establish a client-focused brand, replicating his achievements at JP Morgan and HSBC, where, as Financial Architect, he was already guiding clients towards success. Funny twist on one of his childhood dreams of becoming an actual Architect!


Louis LalliaExecutive Director

Boma Conseil aspires to become a regional leader in wealth management and corporate advisory, a catalyst for development capital in Africa. Louis’s entrepreneurial spirit is perfectly in tune with this daily challenge - he is delighted to work with such a passionate team!

Louis kicked off his career in 2005, as an Analyst at Silchester International Investors, a London-based Investment Fund. He moved to Mauritius in 2009, joining Plurigestion SA, an Asset Management company based between Switzerland and Mauritius. In 2012, he joined AXYS, where he led the international expansion of the group in the Middle East and Africa. Amongst other things, he was a Director of AIB-AXYS, a Kenyan Stockbroker.

Louis holds a Degree in Modern Literature from Sorbonne Nouvelle Université and a Masters’ in Finance & Strategy from Sciences Po Paris. He also completed a Senior Executive Programme Africa (SEPA) at Harvard Business School.


Kugan ParapenChief Investment Officer

Kugan’s expertise spans global financial markets, macroeconomic analysis and market sentiment, enabling him to formulate precise investment views and translate clients’ needs into bespoke strategies. His commitment to putting clients’ interests first and striving for operational efficiency, has earned him a reputation as an industry leader.

His alignment with Boma Conseil’s ethos and values fuels his enthusiasm, drive for excellence and job satisfaction. Ultimately, Kugan aims to excel, achieve professional recognition and contribute to the emergence of a new investment philosophy for clients, thereby transforming the asset management industry in Mauritius and the region.


Ranaivo RajaonsonTeam Leader - Corporate Advisory

With over a decade of experience in corporate finance, entrepreneurship and investment in SMEs and mid-sized companies, Ranaivo brings a deep understanding of macroeconomic and market dynamics to Boma Conseil.

Following a double Masters’ in Finance, Strategy and International Affairs at Sciences Po Paris and Columbia University, Ranaivo kicked off his career in an Investment Advisory boutique firm in Paris, before overseeing the restructuring of an innovative SME in the agri-food sector in Madagascar.

Based in Mauritius since 2020 and prior to joining Boma, he was greatly involved in the regional and local SME ecosystem, as Investment Manager of a Family Office. His is motivated by the satisfaction of creating sustainable value for his clients and partners. Ranaivo sees his involvement with Boma Conseil as an opportunity to make a positive and lasting impact in a dynamic and specialised sector.


Clendy DabidinHead of Legal and Compliance

As a Legal & Compliance expert, Clendy adopts a methodical and agile approach to every task, ensuring his work is accurate and meticulous. His ability to persuade and adapt enables him to positively influence others and work together towards common goals.

Seduced by Boma’s culture, its client-focused services and emphasis on individual development, Clendy is motivated by the company’s clear objectives and supportive environment. His commitment to Boma fuels his enthusiasm, drive and sense of responsibility, inspiring him to make a positive contribution to the team and the business.

Clendy’s long-term goal is to make a significant contribution to Boma’s growth and success, while playing a key role in the continuous improvement of client services from a compliance perspective. On a personal level, working with Boma Conseil represents for him an opportunity for professional growth, the acquisition of new skills and career progression.


Baptiste HippertChief Operating Officer

As a trained Computer Science Engineer, Baptiste brings a wealth of experience to Boma Conseil, having held various positions with institutions such as Société Générale CIB in France and New York, as well as the MCB Group in Mauritius. His strategic approach to organisational planning, technology integration and change management, drives performance and enhances customer experience.

By embracing challenges with a spirit of innovation and a quest for excellence, Baptiste’s goal is to establish himself as an influential figure in the regional asset management industry, leveraging his mix of skills and experience to shape the future of financial services in Mauritius and abroad. His involvement in Boma Conseil is also motivated by personal growth, professional development and a willingness to align his career goals with his personal aspirations.



To ensure their clients are fully engaged, the teams at Boma Conseil uphold three fundamental commitments:

Availability and confidentiality

Our associates are always available. Clients can reach out to their Advisers at any time, in complete confidentiality and confidence.

Strategic investments

We introduce investment as an integral part of a clear, well-defined wealth development strategy, advising our clients on the right choice to make based on their profile.

Quality and anticipation

Boma Conseil leverages robust systems and reputable partners to ensure the overall administration of its clients’ wealth is driven by prudence, performance and diligence.

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