Financial Architecture & Asset Management

Wealth Assessment and Structuring

Boma Conseil delivers a comprehensive suite of wealth management services.

The journey begins with a proprietary wealth assessment methodology, designed to prompt a deep strategic review of the future of the client’s assets.

Boma Conseil then oversees the execution of the agreed investment strategy, also serving as an intermediary to improve assets’ earnings and decision-making structures.

Holistic Approach

A selection of other services enhances Boma Conseil’s holistic approach to financial architecture & asset management, including financing, accounting, taxation and legal affairs, as well as corporate finance advisory in relation to real estate and other assets.

Portfolio Management

Tailor Made Investment Strategies

Boma Conseil executes discretionary and tailor-made portfolio management strategies, tailored to each client’s profile, taking into consideration their needs, aspirations and expectations, as well as their risk appetite.

Covering various asset classes, geographic regions and currencies, these strategies are underlined by rigorous risk and cost management policies.

Fund Allocation Model and Objectives

Drawing on international benchmarks, Boma Conseil adopts a comprehensive investment approach.

By employing a core-satellite model for asset allocation, it provides investors with a strong foundation designed to outperform indices, while minimising inherent investment risks.

Corporate Finance Advisory

Multidisciplinary Expertise

Boma Conseil aims to be the preferred partner and advisory of entrepreneurs, shareholders and executives.

Carrying Out Mandates

Our services cover the key stages of a company’s journey, from its inception to its restructuring or transfer of ownership.

Boma Conseil leverages the team’s multi-disciplinary experience to provide differentiated value-add in raising capital and structuring investment projects, connecting capital allocators to the right company and people, and bringing complex and multi-layered mandates to completion.